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Creating a wardrobe solution for you.

08 May Creating a wardrobe solution for you.

Desperately in search of storage space?

 Is bespoke fitting for you?


wardrobe sketch in west Norwood Get rid of  room clutter with RJS bespoke wardrobes! Bespoke wardrobes make the most of difficult corners and tight spaces. Even if the bedroom is a challenging and demanding shape, we will turn it into a workable space for your home belongings. Further more At RJS Carpenters and Decorators our goal is to work alongside you to form and create a storage solution just for  your home. In addition to this a wardrobe tailor-made to fit the exact measurements of your room shape. With wardrobes that fit from wall to wall with ease in even the most confined amount of space.

Options within the wardrobe.IMG_0006

As an example of what you can have within the wardrobe the options may vary. Our wardrobes can contain shelves in which you can place clothing, shoes etc. Railings to hang dresses, suits, shirts and other items of clothing on to ensure that the clothing do not get creased. As well as Draws in which you can put a vast variety of items in, as well as top cupboard where you can store items such as bed sheets , handbags, towels among many other bits and pieces.

Materials in which the wardrobe is made out of.

For instance the materials RJS use to make these wardrobes will be made out of  MDF or Birch ply since these are long lasting and sturdy.The storage within the wardrobe is amplified, making your room look state-of-the-art with a range of storage solutions that are selected by you and tailored by us. In which the results are a striking yet beautifully fabricated room with more storage space than you can imagine. In conclusion, RJS can give you the storage space you thought never thought you could have.

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