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28 Sep The Positives of painting!

Painting and Decorating services We will revitalise your home! Our painters and decorators will strip, prepare and make good of your walls and ceilings. As well as painting and preparing, we also hang wallpaper of your choosing. Painting is one of countless things RJS specialise in. We take...

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30 May Everything RJS Specialise In!

What We Specialise!   Fitted wardrobes We Specialise in wardrobe tailor-made to fit the exact measurements of your room shape. With wardrobes that fit from wall to wall with ease in  the most awkward spaces. Our wardrobes can contain shelves in which you can place clothing, shoes etc. Railings...

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10 May The excellency of Living room units

TV units and living room units.   RJS Carpenters and Decorators install living room and TV units. These units enhance your home RJS has simple steps to ensure that we build the perfect unit for you. Furthermore, the stages we take minimal yet efficient. The process begins...

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08 May Creating a wardrobe solution for you.

Desperately in search of storage space?  Is bespoke fitting for you?   Get rid of  room clutter with RJS bespoke wardrobes! Bespoke wardrobes make the most of difficult corners and tight spaces. Even if the bedroom is a challenging and demanding shape, we will turn it into a workable...

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28 Apr Benefits of fitted furniture

Benefits of Fitted Furniture, in your Bedroom, Living room and Kitchen. Bespoke furniture to match the design that you require. Whether you are trying to make use of a spare space or trying to make space. Wardrobes, TV/Living room units and cupboards can be of great use....

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25 Apr Hardwood Timber doors

Hardwood timber doors Interested in your very own Hardwood timber doors ? Look no further RJS Carpenters and Decorators supply, fit and paint front doors. Our front doors are bespoke softwood and hardwood . As well as single and double. RJS bespoke doors designed to suit your...

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