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07 Dec Home renovations, painting and carpentry work

Turning your house into your dream home becomes easier once you have experts to guide you to make the best of your space. Whether you start with your living room, kitchen or one of the bedrooms, it is always easier to divide your project in two...

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28 Sep The Positives of painting!

Positives about painting and decorating! We will revitalise your home! Our painters and decorators will strip, prepare and make good of your walls and ceilings. The positives in our painters and decorators are that they prepare,  also hang wallpaper of your choosing. Painting is one of countless...

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07 Jul Summer is here lets paint and decorate!

Summer time! Summer is officially here so that means time to DECORATE! How exciting! Nothing better than refreshing your home whilst letting all that summer glow bounce off your walls!  A change of colour in your home can do wonders! Make that room go from dull  to...

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