Living room units and shelving.

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There is a couple of styles to finish these living room units  off, that is the traditional style, with panelled doors. (Raised panels, with a beading stuck on to create the affect of a panel) or sunken panels. Where the panel is routed out and beading stuck around the edge of the panel. Also shaker style with a routed out panel and no beading around the edge. The traditional style is our most popular style, there is a skirting at the bottom. There is a moulded beading along the front of the top of the unit to give added depth and dosing features.

The handles are usually painted wooden knobs, but we also fit glass ones chrome ones or any style, but we encourage you to purchase these for us to fit on the day.

Next for the modern style, this is to have a completely flush front with flush doors (no panelling) and touch latches to open the doors slightly on a light touch of the door for easy opening, this is for the door to open with no handle.

Now for the shelving above this can also be done in mdf or birch ply. In soft wood or hardwood or any veneered mdf, They can be completed in a traditional or modern style.

Next for the Batton shelf this is the most traditional style and consists of a board of mdf for the shelf and a timber Batton below for support.

In addition, we also specialise in fitted floor to ceiling fitted shelving units. This is a TV unit with a shelving unit above, this can be done with fluted sides and a timber moulded rose on top, also with a coving on top.

Lastly we now offer the full and complete paint job. Of  all of our fitted units in a colour or finish of your choice. They are usually finished in satin wood (the most durable but a little shiny). There is also eggshell (a bit more Matt of a finish but not as durable).

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