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SEO Search Engine Optimisation With RJS

23 Feb SEO Search Engine Optimisation With RJS


The meaning of SEO is search engine optimisation.

Since I have started working with RJS I have learnt multiple ways of how to correct and amplify our seo ratings/score.

Starting with readability:

A good title will always help with SEO and findability! But always try to add you focus key word in the beginning of the title as well as making sure that your title has a nice length, this is around four to seven words. If the website your using allows you to change the permalink, do it! This helps customers who are searching for your article find it easier. When you have added in your custom permalink remove any stop words

Stop words are words that can affect your seo score. Especially when used regularly in your websites titles or focus keywords. Avoid using stop words in your page titles, image texts and your meta descriptions. Stops words are words such as if, I’ll, lately, able and already.

Meta description doesn’t look like a lot but it helps! This is the small description that is shown before you click the link. Add as much relevant detail  as you can within the space recommended. This will give customers a small amount of detail possibly intriguing them to read more! SEO meta description



I always make sure my blogs/articles are 300 words or more. The reason I do this is because this influences the page ranking in a positive manner. More words mean more content! But a reminder that it should be quality not quantity don’t write about one topic and continue with another idea forgetting about the focus keyword (the original topic). Instead of rambling on, read through your article, if you can extend carry on! If you can’t, find a subject within your main topic and see if you can expand.

When writing your blog or article it is good to add images, only add images that are relevant or appropriate with the article.

When writing your blog/article make sure you have a focus keyword. The focus keyword will add to your website content meaning this will increase your findability on search engines.

What is a focus keyword?

A focus keyword is a search term that you would want your page to be ranked for, for instant when people search for a phrase or a keyword they should find you or your blog.

And from there you should have the perfect article good luck!