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Property price raising in London

26 Apr Property price raising in London

Property price

Homeowners around the UK have had an average of 7,500 added to the value of their property over the year. And experts expect house prices to continue to rise in the country’s more affordable areas.


Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales all reported higher house price growth than England. Prices in each of these regions were around £100,000 lower than in England.

Ways you can add value to your property!

  • Adding a bedroom and a bathroom through an extension or loft conversion can add over 20% to a property’s value.
  • Extending to accommodate an extra bedroom can add over 10% to house value.
  • An extra bathroom adds 5% to the value of the average home.

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What is curb appeal?

Curb appeal (in the context of selling a house) is the desirability of a property and its surrounding area when viewed on the street.

Five ways to improve curb appeal!

  • Paint your front door! – This sounds easy and simple but it is the first thing people are going to look at. Glossy bright colours are popular at the moment
  • Invest in quality! – spend the extra money to get really good key items for example for a more contemporary look go for brushed aluminium or chrome knobs & knockers whereas if you are going for a Victorian look try the heavier Victorina door knockers etc!
  • The surrounding area to the front door – Make sure it’s clean! Brush away any fallen leaves or rubbish make sure everything is neat. Porches can become a dumping ground for clutter make sure everything is proportionate.
  • Lighting! Lighting! – Lighting is crucial… critical even place lights on either side to add symmetry. Hide lights in the trees or put them on the drive or the garden path to add a homely feel!
  • Spruce it up! – Try repainting or rendering over washed out brickwork. Don’t go to wild with colour! This should be more sensible than the front door. This doesn’t mean you have to have the same thing as the neighbours!