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The excellency of Living room units

10 May The excellency of Living room units

TV units and living room units.


RJS Carpenters and Decorators install living room and TV units. These units enhance your home RJS has simple steps to ensure that we build the perfect unit for you. Furthermore, the stages we take minimal yet efficient. The process begins with a visit to your home to envision the space and discuss what you would like the outcome to look like.


IMG_0069 2The modern style of our unit works pleasantly with neutral tones of the room providing a lustrous look and feel. Whilst effectively offering a bespoke space for your living room belongings or in fact anywhere in your home. There is also TV units where you can also store away your game consoles with no wire visible. As well as being in your living room, this would be perfect for a children’s playroom since you can clean all there toys away with ease.


We will design and fit your unit to the highest of your standards. Our units are usually made out of birch ply since it is a hard and durable wood which is excellent for making units.

Style of the units.

Traditional style.

RJS offer different styles on our units. One of them is a traditional style. The traditional style comes with panelled doors or sunken panels. The traditional style is our most popular style choice. Additionally there is a skirting at the bottom as well as moulded beading along the front of the unit. To add depth and detail. Moreover the hinges can be grade 7 butt hinges or our most popular concealed cupboard door hinges. The handles on the unit are usually painted wooden knobs but we also can do glass knobs, chrome knobs or any style.

The Batton shelf is the most traditional style. This style contains a bored of MDF for then shelves and a timber Batton below for support.

Modern style.

For the modern style this style is a flush front and flush doors. Modern style has no panelling and touch latches to open the door a slight touch on the door and it will open with ease. The shelving above the unit can be made out of MDF or birch ply, in softwood, hardwood or any veneered MDF, and they can be completed in a traditional or modern style.

IMG_0032In conclusion to this we offer a complete paint job on all our fitted units in a colour of your choice as well as finish. Our finishes consist of satin wood which is a little bit shiny or eggshell a bit more matt but not as durable as satin.




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