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Home renovations, painting and carpentry work

07 Dec Home renovations, painting and carpentry work

Home Renovations, Decoration & Carpentry Work south east londonTurning your house into your dream home becomes easier once you have experts to guide you to make the best of your space.

Whether you start with your living room, kitchen or one of the bedrooms, it is always easier to divide your project in two or three stages. This will help you to budget for every stage and you will not have a massive disruption at home because the work will be carried out on a specific area.

Home renovations

Renovations include decoration, plastering, adding panelling, redecorating your bathroom, kitchen or bedrooms. Experts can also help to find your ideal shade, either adding colour to achieve a modern look or choosing a softer more traditional colour. In addition, wallpapers can add different shades and shapes to your walls.

panelling Honor Oak

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Another way to transform your walls and create majestic designs is adding panelling. Bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and dining rooms can all be transformed with textures and detail. Installing period-look panelling from floor to ceiling is a fast track to an elegant but think about the proportions of your room. In a smaller space, panelling half a wall might help it to look less cramped. In bigger rooms you can add more detail and consider floor to ceiling panelling. Do not be afraid of experimenting with your own design. Planning carefully and getting as many ideas will be beneficial
before you start your project.

The whole point of fitted units is that they fit perfectly to your space and you can personalise it to whatever style you choose. Fitted units will add value to your house and remodel your existing space. You will be able to make the most of your rooms and these will look even tidier. Also, traditional fitted units will help your home design specially if you are thinking of adding panelling to your walls. And do not be afraid to experiment with the interior and exterior of your units.

And finally when giving your kitchen and bathroom a makeover, consider increasing lightning and adding that sense of luxury that your home deserves. Improve your shower or bath and change radiators, replace your existing tiles, add mirrors and ventilation. Flooring should be clean and hygienic, carpet is not really suitable for bathrooms.

Please get in touch if you are considering a renovation of your home. We can either help you to design and carry out your renovation.