Fitted alcoves in Bromley, South Norwood, Crystal Palace, West Norwood
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Fitted alcove units

30 Jan Fitted alcove units

RJS alcove units:

Our Fitted Alcove Units are stylish and space saving. We will design and fit your alcove units to the highest standard and specifications on the market. These units are ideal for playrooms or living areas. Perfect for hiding the cables of your entertainment systems or a multitude of toys and Cd’s.

We can be build as a pair or incorporating different designs. The shelving options are made to fit your needs, with the most popular option being adjustable or floating. Whatever you have in mind, rest assured we will help you find the right design.


For instance the materials RJS use make these alcove units with is birch ply which is also strong and durable.

Traditional style:

We make units in two styles one of the choices are a traditional style. Traditional style is one of our most popular. Traditional style consists of panelled doors in which you could have sunken panels or raised panels with a beading stuck on to create a panel affect.

Furthermore RJS most popular items is a concealed cupboard door hinges another option is grade 7 butt hinges.

Secondly the handles on the unit RJS paint, we also paint wooden door knobs, and we also fit glass as well as chrome or any style you wish to have but we encourage you to purchase these for us to fit the same day.

Modern style:

In addition the second unit is a modern style, the modern style contains things such as this a flush front with flush door this doesn’t contain panelling. As well as touch latches to open the doors with a slight touch.

Shelfs in the unit are made with birch ply or MDF. Hardwood or alternatively this any veneered MDF these products can be in the traditional style or the modern style.