How to choose the right style for your new Front door
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How to choose the right style for your new front door

31 Mar How to choose the right style for your new front door

Front door

Chelsea front door in South NorwoodInitially we suggest that you start by looking at your neighbours’ doors for ideas and local areas. Also, have a look on the internet for pictures of different styles.

Bespoke wooden front doors are beautiful and durable. They can be adapted in size, repainted in different colours and door furniture can be easily changed. They will look beautiful for many years when treated correctly

What material to choose?

When you are deciding on the material of the front door, make sure you understand the difference in price and quality. PVC are cheaper but they are low quality, then you have solid hardwood usually meranti or sapele and composite.

Our front doors are solid hardwood which are more durable, but the once you buy off the shelves are claimed solid hardwood but instead, they are block board made from hardwood off cuts and wood fibers (mass produced, compressed together by forcing it under high pressure.


Take the style of your house into consideration. For a modern house, a more contemporary look seems like a better choice. However, if you have a Victorian/Edwardian house, a more traditional style such as a Chelsea or Richmond door will be perfect.

Some of the styles of hardwood external doors for you to consider are:









beautiful front door South NorwoodFront door West Norwood








        Oak doors painted in a different colour.                                        

Our bespoke wooden doors will include maximum security door lock and all door furniture. The final top coat is as per your specification and there is a wide range of colours available.

If you are still unsure as to what style and type of door to choose, please contact us on 08002461694 or drop us an email and we will be more than happy to help you.