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07 Mar Wardrobe benefits

Having wardrobe problems? Have you ever experienced a sinking feeling when you moved your freestanding wardrobe into the bedroom? And you realised that the size and shape were all wrong? Maybe the closet was too large, and it dominated the room and overwhelmed the other furnishings....

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30 Jan Fitted alcove units

RJS alcove units: Our Fitted Alcove Units are stylish and space saving. We will design and fit your alcove units to the highest standard and specifications on the market. These units are ideal for playrooms or living areas. Perfect for hiding the cables of your entertainment...

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07 Nov Spray painting service

Spray painting RJS Carpentry are now in the position to offer a spray painting service from our workshop, Spray-painting creates a finish that a brush or roller simply can’t duplicate. Even on hard-to-paint projects  it creates a professional look and provides superior, longer-lasting protection. Furthermore spray painting is...

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03 Oct Busy! What wonderful things RJS have been up to

RJS have been busy The last few months have seen us meeting some lovely new customers. Locally in South Norwood, Crystal Palace, Bromley, Beckenham and further afield. We've been busy getting the message accross on social media. Just how different we are to the large national bedroom...

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28 Sep CNC router come an check it out !

CNC Router Meaning of CNC -Computer numerical control. CNC Machining is a process in which we use in the manufacturing sector that involves the use of computers to control machine tools. Tools that can control in this manner include lathes, mills, routers and grinders. The CNC in CNC...

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30 Mar Space need more? RJS can help!

Maximising space Using those nooks and crannies: Whilst newer homes tend to have smaller space, their rooms tend to be easier to work with than older houses as they are usually squarer. Older houses quite often have odd shapes or small awkward spaces. This leads to it...

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