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Bespoke wardrobes for you? Of course it is !

12 Jun Bespoke wardrobes for you? Of course it is !

Ever heard of bespoke wardrobes?

bespoke wardrobes let me tell you a bit about them. A bespoke wardrobe is a wardrobe fitted to your exact room measurement, even in the most difficult awkward spaces. Whether this be a attic room with a slanting celling, low celling or just an average room. You have multiple options to chose from within the wardrobe. Externally you have the option of paneling the wardrobe doors, as well as a top cupboard. Internally you have the options of shelves, dividers, draws as well as a hanging rail. The wardrobe will be made out of Birch ply or MDF we use this because it is a long lasting, and is a sturdy material. Our goal is to give you space you never thought you would ever have. You can have the wardrobe without paint or with paint, glossy or a matte finish, whatever your preference is.

IMG_0083Panicking at the thought of clutter? Wardrobe overflowing with clothes? Don’t worry, RJS Carpenters and Decorators have got you!

IMG_0488if you are interested please contact us on the phone: 08002461694 or contact us via email:

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