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Wow the neighbours with a gorgeous door

28 Jun Wow the neighbours with a gorgeous door

 Perfect door just for you!

Feeling like your front door isn’t showing off your home? Beautiful home but you feel like your front door just isn’t complimenting it? RJS will change that!

RJS creates the perfect doors just for you. The material we use to create these doors are bespoke hardwood. You have the option of a single door, or a double. A double is normally used for back doors leading to a garden or a patio. We also have a high security lock which is a traditional night latch and deadlock, glazed and panelled doors with a huge range of thresholds.

Our painting service consists of a professional hand painted finish or a sleek spray paint finish. A spray paint finish is excellent for those nooks and crannies and those hard to reach areas that a paint brush just can’t get into. The application is also amazingly fast and has a smooth finish without any problems of brush lines or roller marks. The colour is completely up to you, whether you go classic white, or go for a bold green.

Our bespoke doors can also help you in the future, hardwood doors is completely energy efficient which will keep the draft out and the warmth in!

If you have any inquiries please contact us on 08002461694 or email us at

IMG_0025 Front door in West Norwood IMG_1268