Amazing benefits of having your own fitted wardrobe
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Wardrobe benefits

07 Mar Wardrobe benefits

Having wardrobe problems?

Have you ever experienced a sinking feeling when you moved your freestanding wardrobe into the bedroom? And you realised that the size and shape were all wrong? Maybe the closet was too large, and it dominated the room and overwhelmed the other furnishings. Or maybe it was too small, and looked puny and miserable amidst the other components in the room.


Ever had a freestanding closet that was in the way, and looked awkward no matter where you put it?


Have you ever bought a freestanding closet, in addition only to discover that it wouldn’t fit through the door in the room where you wanted to place it?


Have you ever been frustrated by wasted space in your room? Because it was a little too small, and it left unusable areas between itself and one or more walls?


Banish these worries by designing a fitted wardrobe that fits seamlessly into the room. Your fitted wardrobe will be just the right size, with no wasted space. As RJS Carpenters and Decorators our aim is to make your problems go away as well as making your ideas and designs become reality. Our way to approach this is for you, out customer to choose the carcass and interior of your choosing then we will install your wardrobe within a day at your property (depending on the design and measurements).

We will work with you to make your ideal storage solution in which will have a unique style and configuration as well as being tailor made to fit your distinctive space. Inside the wardrobe the space is amplified and insures to hold whatever you wish to store away.

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